Fabrics 6

$6.00 each




Please visit our inworld shop. 3D looks much better in 3D than on a picture.

Each fabric is 1 prim (or less in a linkset)
1 textureface, suitable for seamless textures, just drag and drop texture.
For shademaps: row 1 is the toprow.

Custom LOD Levels: no, not needed

DAE Files for upload to SL: yes

UV Mapped: yes

UV Maps included: no, not needed

Shademaps included: yes as seperate files not assinged to model

File extensions: SL Upload Files-DAE; shade and UV maps 1024x1024 jpg

Triangulated: yes

To see example in Second Life follow this link
To see example in InWorldz follow this link

You will receive an archive file with all files for this product and a brief manual how to upload them.

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