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Crown Bed 3d Model

$65.00 each

CROWN BED, 3D Model with Pillows, Blanket and Draped Curtains.


The crown bed is made of 24 surfaces (pillows, blanket and curtains included).
Each surface has 1 or more materials assigned, these materials are represented in different colors.
The complete model is UV mapped and has 4 LOD's (level of detail).
Each LOD has its own layer, all surfaces are named and grouped properly.
All quads.

Extra high poly curtains and blankets are included in the scene.

The file delivered is autodesk FBX maya2010.

Complete bed with blankets, drped curtains and pillows:

High LOD 43061 faces
Medium LOD 26933 faces
Low LOD 824 faces
Lowest LOD 95 faces

Seperate long round pillow with ruffles:

High LOD 3925 faces
Medium LOD 3086 faces
Low LOD 50 faces
Lowest LOD 5 faces


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