Cottage Bienvenu

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This 100% mesh cottage is well detailed with a land impact of only 75 (37 for the sky box version)- inspired by the rural cottages dotting the British landscape, with fully baked textures and mindful proportions and architecture.


The outside of the home hints at Tudor with a sprinkle of Victorian with a rustic path leading around the house and its garden. Inside, the characterful conical stair case is well situated to be a feature balancing out the fireplace and heart in the quirky living area. A comfortable window seat filling an alcove giving views out of three of the windows. 
A clean rustic and neutral theme throughout with exposed beams and windowsills to aid decoration.


The upstairs loft (attic) is cosy with a door to a balcony. At the rear of the house is an oven outside under an overhanging roof supported by medieval french style wooden arches. 
Lead light (Stained glass) windows throughout which only adds more character to this already sweet cottage.


Footprint 27x21 meter. 
Landimpact Second Life: 37 for the sky box version, 75 for the landscape version.


All textures are enriched with normal (bump) and specular (shininess) maps. 
All the shademaps are included to use on your own textures 

Please resell at a price valued to the product. 

Keep the economy healthy !

Custom LOD Levels: yes, High Lod, Medium Lod, Low Lod, Lowest Lod

Custom Physics Shape: yes

DAE Files for upload to SL: yes

UV Mapped: yes

UV Maps included: yes

Shade, normal and specular maps included: yes as seperate files not assinged to model

File extensions: SL Upload Files-DAE; shade and UV maps 1024x1024 jpg, PNG if transparant shades are included.

Triangulated: yes

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You will receive an archive file with all files for this product and a brief manual how to upload them in Second Life.

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