Cottage BonNuit

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A small quaint rustic cottage suited to any rural landscape. 
Its weathered exterior and authentic interior ­ deceivingly spacious for such a small and cosey home. 
A subtle moon motif on the exterior of the house reflects the name of the home; Bonnuit (meaning 'Good night'). The phases of the moon also inspired the circular windows.


This carefully detailed mesh cottage, with high quality textures and shading, comes with the optional tree and grasses shown in the image.


The roof above the back door and the bay window are both exposed copper turned verdigris (rusted copper) to add a little more architectural flavour to the outside.


Though the inside is one room, it is split into three areas ­ A small hall, or cloakroom, leading to the main living area and off to one side a slightly smaller raised platform. Though cosey there is enough room for essential furnishings.


The ceiling is high and vaulted to allow for avatar cameras which gives extra room to the compact but warm and cosey design.


Even if you are limited on space and have a small plot or a small corner but want something unique, then this cottage could be the ideal living space.


All textures are enriched with normal (bump) and specular (shininess) maps.


Technical details:


There are 2 versions of the cottage, a high lod version which can be used in large spaces and a low lod version for a skybox or places where the cottage cannot be seen from a large distance.


The tree and grasses can be separated from the scenery (an extra texture is included for the scenery without the tree)




High LOD version: 
- cottage 73 
- tree 13 
- grasses 14 
All in 1 linkset 100


Low LOD version 
- cottage 45 
- tree 5 
- grasses 14 
All in 1 linkset 63


Footprint 21x23 meter.


All textures, normal and specular maps are included. 
All UV maps are included. 
Shademaps are included for those who take the challenge to create their own textures..


Custom LOD Levels: yes, High Lod, Medium Lod, Low Lod, Lowest Lod

Custom Physics Shape: yes

DAE Files for upload to SL: yes

UV Mapped: yes

UV Maps included: yes

File extensions: SL Upload Files-DAE; shade, texture, normal, specular and UV maps 1024x1024 jpg, PNG 

Triangulated: yes

To see example in Second Life follow this link
To see example in InWorldz follow this 

You will receive an archive file with all files for this product and a brief manual how to upload them in Second Life.

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