Cottage BonneTerre

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Cottage BonneTerre


Please visit our inworld shop. 3D looks much better in 3D than on a picture.


We all know those cute little creatures with big flat feet who have great adventures all over the fantasy world.
They live in even so cute homes with round doors and a lot of wood from the forest.

M&M Creations has made such a home available for us, big creatures.
No need to walk in, bended like an old wise wizard who needs to leave his staff outside.

Dug into a grassy hill with flowers this rural cottage has many surprises.

The oval front door with hand forged hinges leads to a spacious room.
There you will find a very cute stove with its pipe going all the way up.
The plastered walls are decorated with organic shapes.
An arched window with 2 open-able windows gives a nice view on the surrounding scenery.
The stone stairs just behind the huge tree, which supports the thatched roof, leads to an upper level with 2 light domes.
From there wooden stairs go up to an octagonal room with a balcony overlooking the lower floor.
When going down again you can enter the annex and go outside through the double doors onto the small terrace.
Of course while exploring you discovered the stained glass windows dropping its light onto the floors.
From the terrace a small path leads back to the front door.
The scenic hill is surrounded by a dry stone wall from huge blocks which are used in the building as well.


Enjoy this adventurous new creation of M&M and find pleasure in making it your own.


Technical information:

- landimpact 90 (Second Life)
- footprint 28x27 meter
- designed for tall avatars, reduce LI by sizing down if you have a "normal" sized avatar.


Custom LOD Levels: yes, High Lod, Medium Lod, Low Lod, Lowest Lod

Custom Physics Shape: yes (set to PRIM)

DAE Files for upload to SL: yes

UV Mapped: yes

UV Maps included: yes

Shademaps included: yes as seperate files not assinged to model

Normal maps included: yes as seperate files not assinged to model


Specular maps included: yes as seperate files not assinged to model

Textures included: yes as seperate files not assinged to model

File extensions: SL Upload Files-DAE; diffuse, normal, specular, shade and UV maps 1024x1024 jpg, PNG if transparancy is used.

Triangulated: yes

To see example in Second Life follow this link

You will receive an archive file with all files for this product and a brief manual how to upload them in Second Life.


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