Watermill B´Eau

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Welcome to Watermill Cottage B´Eau.

It is a traditional style of watermill typically found mainly in Northern France in earlier centuries. The basic layout of the building would be arranged principally in consideration of efficient functioning of the mill machinery. It goes with a small house attached for the domestic requirements of the miller and his family.

Of course, electricity was not available during this period and so the machinery of the gully and the mill wheel was operated manually.

Power to the outer building was based on the flow of a small river. The design of the mill was based on a significant difference of height so that a gully could be used to direct the water to the top of the wheel. Additionally an extra, smaller flow was made to enable running water inside the building. On the ground floor, in the area where the millstones are turning, there would also be located a deep sink for industrial use with a working tab.

As usual from M&M Creations, the watermill B'Eau is created with a high quality mesh, scripted & textured as low-lag as possible. To ease access, 3 doors are available.

We added a modern piece of engineering to the watermill, it can be found inside at ground level across the millstones. It is an electrically operated panel to change the colours of the main accents; the doors, window frames, ironwork of the gully/chute & railings of the small bridges. There are 4 weathered- colours to choose from; green, red, yellow & blue. 
The volume knob controls the sound of the mill machinery and the river and can be set to silent.

The M&M Creations Watermill B'Eau Experience is completed with its custom made sounds for the moving parts and river. 

At the back of cottage B'Eau a double door welcomes you in the mill itself where you can hear the millstones crush the wheat. A deep industrial sink with a working tab to rinse material and do some laundry is practically placed in a corner. On the support of the stone stairs, the electric panel is placed where you can change the colours of the window frames, doors, ironwork of the gully and all railings outside.

On the first floor it's surprisingly spacious, with 5 windows and the front door of the cottage.Wooden stairs lead to the attic where you can also exit the watermill B'Eau.

On the small steel bridge, connecting the attic and the scenery outside, is a working mechanism, a handle, to operate the mill. The gully will lower in the stream and will lead the water to the waterwheel that starts to turn when the water hits the wheel.

Once past the bridge a small path leads down to the river. A beautiful view of the mill and the sounds of the wheel & the water will have a calming effect. Crossing the small footbridge at the base of the cottage will lead to the front door of the cottage B'Eau.

This new cottage of M&M Creations is in range with our other cottages which can easily be arranged together as a rural village. 
The name of the cottage finds it origin in simple rural terms; Beau means Beautiful or good in French and Eau is water. So this mill is build around beautiful (in the meaning of useful) water.

Technical details: 
-footprint 25x23 meter 
-landimpact 122 (second life) at designed size 
-fully scripted for all moving parts 
-original sounds 
-coalesced build (softlink), scripted to keep the parts together when repositioned 
-textured with attention to details and traditional elements 
-all color change textures are included in the rootprim 
-all shademaps included

*Tips and reminders (also explained in the manual):

The build is a coalesced (softlink) object so not all parts are linked together. 
Please move or scale the build by selecting all the parts (main building, panel, waterwheel and grindwheel). 
The control panel can be placed everywhere in the build, its location will be reminded by the build in script.

*****DO NOT unlink or link anything*****

Marcthur Goosson 
10 Goosson (testing, inspiration, support and cooking food) 
Kamerina Kamala (custom sounds) 
Trevor (storytelling) 
Elizabeth Jarvinen (scripting)

Everything which you need to rebuild this watermill yourself is included in the archive files.

DAE files, textures, scripts, notecards, sounds and of course a detailed manual.

DO NOT buy this watermill if you do not have building experience.

I can pass you a full permission build in Second Life, InWorldz or Kitely as a guide for assembling.everything together (not an easy job).

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