Belt Flat Tie

$5.00 each





The belt is made of 4 meshparts:


- belly belt (1 textureface) 
- belt with tie (1 textureface) 
- loops (1 textureface) 
- strap hanging from knot (2 texturefaces)

Primcount in Second Life: 3 (at designed size)

Custom LOD Levels: no (not needed)

Custom Physics Shape: yes

DAE Files for upload to SL: yes

UV Mapped: yes

UV Maps included: yes

Shademaps included: yes as seperate files not assinged to model

Reference image for naming prims: no (not needed)

File extensions: SL Upload Files-DAE; shade and UV maps 1024x1024 jpg

Triangulated: yes

Follow this link to see example rez in Second Life


You will receive an archive file with all files for this product and a brief manual how to upload them in Second Life.

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